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about us

If there is one thing traveling has taught me, it's that humans will find a way to get drunk on whatever they can ferment.
Potatoes, grapes, yak milk, barley, or corn. 
Strangely enough, even the same grains handled differently can tremendously vary the results.
This is what elevates distillation into an art, and gives it a sense of place.
"Does New Orleans have it's own bourbon?"  I asked my wife one day.

"There's Sazerac Rye, Old New Orleans Rum"   "But no Bourbon?"  "Not unless you count the street"   "Well there should be"
An innocent question sent me down a path I never expected.
I began traveling the globe, studying both modern and traditional distillation techniques from the Hudson Valley, to Scotland, and finally the motherland of Kentucky.
I started Catahoula in my backyard, which means I was technically a bootlegger, in the end it was Abita spring water that gave our Bourbon it's sense of place. And we are very proud to bring it to you..legally.





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