Maker, Milliner, Vixen. 

 Artist, Writer, Calculated Risk-Taker.


Recent obsessions + inspirations:
Alchemy. Brunch. Bluegrass. Chantilly Lace. Contrast. Datura. Emerald Green. Flower Crowns. Fresh Lavender. Haunted Forests. Lush Florals. Mixology. Mythical Beasts. New Orleans. Orange Blossoms. Ombre. Overgrown Gardens. Perfume. Rosegold. Silk. Strange Flowers. Texture. Type. Wild places

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About the brand:

Fox + Hare was born from necessity, and has continued out of passion.

I have worked across various sections of the fashion industry my whole career. 

When it came time for me to walk the aisle, some things were easy and intuitive. Finding accessories that met my aesthetic ideal was impossible, it turns out there were many other women who shared my style, and desire for authenticity;.

The story behind the name: 

I believe in contrast, I believe that people, and especially women are of a dual nature.  I chose totem animals to represent each side.

The Fox: Lovely, mysterious, curious, mischievous and free. Neither canine or feline, sometimes predator sometimes prey.

The Hare: Swift, cautious, loving, agile, gentle, social, lucky and fruitful.