About the artist

I am Cassandra,  A designer, writer, maker and occasional baker, born in Brooklyn.

The truth is; I want to create beautiful things any way I possibly can.  

I spent several years working in the fashion industry across several disciplines. - All my friends will tell you  that diving in and getting my hands hands dirty is what makes me happiest.

I go weak at the knees for vintage styling, dark romance, unexpected flavors, and music that makes your heart ache.

Recent obsessions/inspirations: Alchemy, Brunch, Chantilly lace, Cocktails, Contrast, Emerald Green, Fresh Lavender, Haunted forests, Mythical beasts, New Orleans, Orange Blossoms, Silk, Texture, Unusual flowers, Wild places.

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About the brand:


Fox + Hare was born from necessity, and has continued out of passion.

In case you hadn't guessed; That's me in the white above. When the time came for me to walk down the aisle,  I thew my heart and soul into planning. 

The dress was easy.  The accessories- the details; In my opinion the way someone truly expresses themselves.. were impossible.  

Everything in the boutiques felt fake or chintzy to me.  The rhinestone headbands and poofy veils (made in China) were the furthest thing from what I wanted.

I scoured online for handmade items, everything was too traditional or simply lacked elegance. (Hot glue is great for crafts, not couture)

Having taken millinery courses at FIT.  I decided to take the task on myself.  What was one more project the ever growing list of things I'd DIY?

Well, I designed about 30 headpieces before I finally had the headpiece of my dreams.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that I loved designing these little objects d'art. Weddings encompass so much of what inspires me.  There had to be other brides out there that weren't looking for the same old story.

Much has changed since those first frantic days spent with feathers strewn all over my living room. But my commitment to handmade heirloom quality accessories has not.

The rest, as they say is history.